What Is New With The New Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster?

Imagine you are at a green light, the road is clear, and you press down on the accelerator. The speed climbs, the suspension gets a little firmer, and the acceleration is even, but the car remains at your command. Explosive, the AMG GT S Roadster takes full advantage of its twin-turbo engine. The V8 also pushes hard, very hard.

Between leather and carbon, the dashboard materials also combine luxury and sportiness. This car has the same effect on our brain as candy on that of a laboratory mouse: very quickly, we get into the habit of operating it to get our dose of pleasure. Also, one would be wrong to ignore the Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster. Its designers also suggest that this new 2019 version, and you should remember that this is a more powerful and sportier car than the previous GT S, will be in charge of keeping the 911 GT3 at bay.

This car is therefore appreciated for its handling, and for the comfort. It is also rumored that the new design was dictated by the insistence of the American clientele to have two large cup holders at hand. Remember, only your survival instinct will keep you from knowing where the limits of this engine are.

Officially, the M178 engine of the Mercedes-AMG GT S is the first engine designed independently by AMG. Not surprisingly, the Mercedes-AMG GT S's list of customization options and accessories is just stunning. With nearly equivalent power, a 911 Turbo (520 hp) is faster than the Mercedes, but it will also be much more expensive.

With such a fantastic engine, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster is almost cheap. There are also no instructions to follow: for example, you don't have to make sure you flip any convoluted switches. Therefore, if you wish to take this fantastic car out for a test drive, you have to take a deep breath and turn the key to start your adventure.

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The superb realization of the cabin is impressive, and the ergonomics are never confusing. The new braking is also carefully dosed not to unbalance the car, and the front drivetrain remains at your command, without an ounce of understeer despite what seemed to me to be a slight optimism on the entry speed. Also, the two turbines are arranged in the hollow formed by the two banks of cylinders (car aficionados refer to this as a "Hot inside V" turbocharger) in the manner of what is done at Audi, BMW, Ford, and Bentley.

Also no matter how many miles I drive, I'm not getting any closer to the car's dynamic limits. Still designed in-house by AMG, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster (and it is almost impossible to imagine a longer name) attacks its rivals who inhabit a lower notch on the performance ladder. Once the drive mode is engaged, you will love leaving the parking lot in this top of the line automobile.

The driver is indeed the focus of the designers' attention in the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster. Clearly, the car shows that AMG has done an excellent job on this automobile. The driver will also appreciate the repositioning of the control lever of the seven-speed double-clutch gearbox. This car also has a V8 engine, and this is a motor that remains very strong when we compare it to its rivals.

For these reasons, and since you are now aware of significantly more with regards to the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster, you need to speak with the supportive employees at our car dealership. They will certainly assist you to learn more about this excellent motor vehicle.

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