Typically, a vehicle comes with safety features that aim to prevent it from being involved in an accident, as well as those that provide protection during a collision. Mercedes-Benz, however, decided to come up with a system that intends to bridge the gap between these two types of safety features. This system is called PRE-SAFE®. When it senses a collision is about to occur, PRE-SAFE® helps prepare the automobile for it to prevent or avoid injury to you and your fellow occupants.

How Does Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® Work?

PRE-SAFE® senses that a collision is about to happen by relying on a network of sensors, most of which are already part of other safety features in the vehicle. It does so by taking note of unusual driving activity; for example, it will detect when you are skidding on slippery surfaces. Once PRE-SAFE® detects the issue, it will adjust the front head restraints for optimum support, tighten the front seat belts, and close the windows and moonroof (if present) if a rollover is possible. PRE-SAFE® does this to optimize the occupants’ preparation for the activation of the vehicle’s restraint systems, such as airbags.

On some Mercedes-Benz vehicles—especially the higher-level or newer ones—PRE-SAFE® comes with a sound function. It consists of a harmless noise specifically tuned to trigger a reflex in the inner ear. That way, your eardrums are protected from the pressures of a loud crash.

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