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What is the Mercedes-Benz Legacy?

To true automobile aficionados, few brands carry more prestige or respect than Mercedes-Benz. The chosen vehicle of everyone from heads of state to Fortune 500 CEOs, Mercedes-Benz has a long and highly-regarded history that has been defined by exemplary automobile engineering and technological innovation.

Elegance, Good Taste and Respect

More than a status symbol, the ownership of a Mercedes-Benz has also come to represent elegance, good taste, and respect for automotive engineering. Indeed, the company's motto is "The Best or Nothing," and that philosophy is demonstrated in each model of car that the company produces. For these reasons, it is little wonder that Mercedes-Benz has accrued such an enormous and dedicated fanbase.

So how has Mercedes-Benz maintained such a sterling reputation among car collectors and auto buffs for such a long period of time? What defines the legacy that Mercedes-Benz has created?

The Art of Auto Making

Ever since Karl Benz patented the world's first gas-fueled car in 1886, innovation has been a foremost principle with the company that Benz would later help to found. Benz had grown up in dire poverty, but he did not let his humble origins keep him from achieving his world-class engineering goals. The work ethic and egalitarian philosophy with which Karl Benz approached the art of auto-making still deeply influences the company's business ethos.

Timeless Quality

To this day, a Mercedes-Benz won't always be the flashiest car at a gala event or business summit, but it will more than likely be the most elegant automobile present. It will also likely be the most admired. Indeed, the elegance of Mercedes-Benz cars is legendary, and the best models of Mercedes-Benz have a timeless quality of design that isn't found in any other brand. Each detail in a Mercedes-Benz has been considered and cultivated to its highest potential, and many models of Mercedes-Benz are regarded as true classics and works of art unto themselves.

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For these reasons, the legacy of Mercedes-Benz will live far beyond the company itself. The influence of the brand has been immense in both the auto industry and in popular culture, and that influence shows no sign of waning. If the joys of owning a Mercedes-Benz appeal to you, contact Elite Automotive Group today. Elite Automotive Group can help you pick the perfect model of Mercedes-Benz for your needs!