Mercedes is known as the ultimate brand in automotive luxury. And the company's cutting-edge multimedia system is raising the bar on automotive entertainment and information technology. In this blog, we will show you how to use the Mercedes-Benz Multimedia System in order to get the most out of your driving experience.

You can access the Mercedes-Benz Multimedia System in a number of ways. You can access the system by using the buttons on the steering wheel. The buttons on the left side of the wheel will access the gauge cluster. The buttons on the right side of the wheel will access the multimedia system. You can also access the Mercedes-Benz Multimedia System with the touch wheel or the available touchpad both located on the center console.

To access the multimedia system on the steering wheel mounted controls, simply swipe the touchpad button up, down, left and right. Then simply select by pressing the button at the center of the steering wheel mounted touch pad. Press the home button to reveal the main functions of the multimedia system. To access the favorites menu, toggle down once. You can also use Voice Commands to access the system by pressing the voice button. If you want to make phone calls, then press the phone button to make, receive and end calls. Note, that the phone must be Bluetooth enabled to use this feature.

If you want to use the center controller, you can access the features of the Mercedes-Benz Multimedia System by rotating or toggling the wheel left or right, up or down. Press the controller down to make a selection. Use the home button on the console to reach the main menu. Use the back button to access the previous menu.

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