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  • Nate Reynolds, General Manager
    (417) 889-5750

    How long have you been w/ the dealership?  11 years

    How long have you been in the auto industry?  My dad raised me in it my whole life.  My dad used to make me stock parts when I would go visit him for the summer.  He would reward me by buying me fishing gear for the trip we would take to Canada every year.

    Where are you from? Born in Kansas City, Mo  Graduated in Rogers, Arkansas

    Are you married, and if so, how long? Newly Married.  6 months

    Kids, grandkids, pets? Kids hopefully soon, grand kids hopefully later, pets 3 and they are all treated as my children.

    Hobbies? Golf, Fishing, going to sporting events, Traveling abroad with my best friend….my wife, tasting wine, making wine, blogging, coming up with new business ideas, helping others, and did I mention I love wine!!!!

  • Chris Johnson, Mercedes Sales Manager

    Experience: 28 years in the industry; new to Elite Mercedes

    From: Chattanooga, TN

    Family: Married for 38 years with 2 children, 3 grandchildren and our newest "babies" - 4 miniature schnauzers

    Hobbies: Avid reader; enjoy watching Tennessee Volunteer football and motor sports, NASCAR and NHRA.

  • Ted Green, Human Resource Director
    (417) 889-5750

    Experience:  Been with the dealership since 1998.

    From:  Wichita, Kansas.

    Family:  Married with 1 son.

    Spare  time: Ted enjoys bowling, chess, riding motorcycles and spending time with his  wife and son, Steven.

  • Victoria Williams, Digital Marketing Director

    Experience: I have spent 18 years in the industry.

    From: Louisiana.

    Family: Two children and two dogs

    Spare time: Running and charity work.

  • John Smittle, Marketing Manager
    (417) 889-5750

    How long have you been w/ the dealership?  21 years
    How long have you been in the auto industry?  21 years
    Where are you from?  Springfield, Missouri
    Are you married, and if so, how long?  Yes, 16 years.
    Kids, grand kids, pets?  3 Daughters - Lauren, Megan, Madison.  1 Cat
    Hobbies?  Golf, Love to cook

  • Jason Holland, Elite Mercedes Service Manager
    (417) 889-5750

    Experience: In the auto industry 21 years, all with this dealership.

    From: Cuba, Missouri

    Family:  Married 19 years to Robyn; have 2 teenage daughters.

    Spare time: Cycling, triathlon and karaoke.

  • Ted Downes, Asst. Service Manager

  • Clay Holt, Mercedes-Benz Service

  • Dean Jones, Parts Manager

    Experience: Been with the dealership 28 years, in the industry for 32 years.

    From: Louisburg, MO.

    Family: Has been married for 10 years. Has two married sons, one granddaughter, and one very spoiled Chocolate Lab!

    Spare time: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, and Golf.

  • Rob Yotter, Special Finance Manager

  • Brent Puckett, Finance Director

  • Rod Torgerson, Maintenance Manager

    Experience: Been with the dealership 18 years, in the industry for 36 years. From: South Dakota. Family: Married to Leah for 36 years. 

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