Mercedes-Benz Service Coupons in Springfield, Missouri

The Elite Automotive Group in Springfield, Missouri lives up to its name because the dealership offers high-quality elite Mercedes vehicles such as C Class, E-class GLK, GLE and S-Class models. Customers can choose top-of-the-line cars that they cannot find anywhere else in the local area. Moreover, this specific dealership gives money to charity to those in need, so customers will be contributing to positive goodwill out the kindness of their hearts by getting their vehicle serviced here. Customers are also treated like family, presented with free coffee and pastries upon arrival in the lounge area equipped with a flat-screen television for entertainment while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced.

You will feel right at home at the Elite Auto Group in Springfield, Missouri. There are trained technicians on-site certified to work on your New or Used vehicle to make sure that quality parts are installed to the highest standards. However, to receive these qualities services for lower prices, choose the service coupons on the website.

How To Save On My Luxury Vehicle?

We all know how expensive servicing a luxury vehicle can get, but visiting the Elite Automotive Group website will give you coupons that would lower the prices. One definite benefit of getting a service done at the Elite Mercedes dealership instead of a local auto group is the quality OEM parts, sent in by the Mercedes manufacturer warehouse, are put into your vehicle. Although the prices are a bit more pricey, they are still cheaper with the coupons. Aftermarket parts are not up to manufacturer standards, because they do not come with a warranty, may not match your specific Mercedes vehicle model, might be low-quality, or even not fit your vehicle. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are new and high-quality.

The coupons on the website may change over time, so when you need a service, just visit the site to see which ones available that fit your needs. Click the ‘Service’ tab to proceed to the next page where you can choose a discount offer below, schedule an appointment online, and confirm the date with your email or telephone. You would get discounted prices for battery replacement, a complimentary hour of diagnosis, reduced labor costs, and HVAC bacterial treatment ventilation and air filter replacement. Moreover, the parts offer includes 10% off dealership parts.