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How to Prepare Your Car for the Spring/Summer

Warmer weather will soon be upon us and with that comes a renewed excitement for taking on the open road. Ensure that your vehicle is ready to go with these tips to get it in peak driving condition.

Deep Clean Your Vehicle

Winter months mean snow and salt and the elements can really do a number on the interior and exterior of a car. Avoid rust damage by getting a thorough, deep-cleaning of your vehicle. Be sure to get the undercarriage cleaned also, as road salt can build up and cause rust damage where it isn't easily visible.

Have the interior cleaned as well. Slush, salt, and snow tracked into the vehicle via wet boots and shoes can cause the floor mats to become damp and dirty. Vacuuming and drying the interior will have them looking good as new.

Check Under the Hood

Even if your vehicle isn't due for a check up, it's important to check fluid levels to ensure top vehicle performance. Windshield wiper fluid is used frequently in the winter, so be sure to top that off. In addition, brake fluid should also be checked to guarantee brakes are functioning properly. The ability to stop quickly is crucial, especially during the wet seasons of spring and summer.

Rotate and Balance Tires

Tires can really take a beating during the winter months, so checking them over is always a good idea. If snow tires are used during the winter, be sure to thoroughly inspect all-season tires before changing them out. Tires without enough tread can make for slippery driving during the rainy seasons. Make sure that tires are properly inflated as well to get better gas mileage.

All-season tires that were used during the winter months should be rotated and balanced to ensure optimal driving ability and safety.

Replace Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers really take on the elements during the winter months. Constantly clearing ice and snow can wear them down quickly. Replacing them in the spring will guarantee that they will be in proper working order to keep the windshield clear of rain in the spring and summer.

Inspect the Essentials

A car can't run on all cylinders if each part isn't working properly. Inspect the battery, filters, belts, and hoses to make sure they are all working correctly. Replace any parts that are worn or broken. A vehicle that is in good shape will run better and make for a more comfortable ride.

We can help make sure your vehicle is reaching its full potential. Contact us so we can get your car ready to enjoy the nice weather.

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