Alpha House  

Billed as a "doorway to a new beginning," the Alpha House non-profit organization helps Federal offenders get a fresh start in life. This transitional housing program focuses on re-entry obstacles that so many federal offenders face when they are released. To tackle the most common problems these offenders face, Alpha House has a residential program that focuses on job-finding, drug and alcohol counseling, and goal planning. Their services range from providing the basics of life to intensive employment assistance and mental health counseling.

Alpha House

How Alpha House Helps

When someone has been incarcerated for a year or more, their life is changed forever. When they are released, they're sometimes walking out into a world where they have no friends or family or any means of support. Because of a potential felony on their record, they're also going to face stiff penalties in the job industry, with many employers turning them away because of their offense.

All of these things are barriers to re-entering society and becoming successful as a free person. Alpha House seeks to break down these barriers and help former prisoners rebuild their lives brick by brick. This help starts with help finding employment. They provide resumé writing help, life skills classes, computer training, and so much more. Their most crucial component is that they can give almost 24-hour a day support to the people trying to rebuild their lives because they provide residential housing. Thanks to mental health services, there's always a compassionate ear to listen.

Shelter is perhaps the most important thing they provide. If you've been incarcerated for years, you don't often walk out to a home waiting for you. And so, you're walking out into the world again without the most important component of safety and security: a place to live. Alpha House provides this. In addition to providing a safe shelter, they also give residents a place to feel safe. For example, there's a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol in Alpha House. This means that all people genuinely trying to start over won't be exposed to drugs or alcohol during their stay. Just having this safe place is a relief to so many.

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