Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe Sells for Record Price at Auction  

Recently, someone just bought the world's most expensive vehicle. It went for almost $150 million. It destroyed the records in the process.

Mercedes SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe

This vehicle from 1955 sold for around $142.9 million. This makes it over 300,000 times more lucrative than the average cost of a car in the U.S, which is currently more than $45,000. The owner of this vehicle with the famous wing doors was a private collector whose name had not been disclosed. This individual agreed with Mercedes that the car would still be available for display to the public on special occasions.

The second prototype for this vehicle is still owned by Mercedes Benz. This car was named after the creator and chief engineer on the project, Rudolf Uhlenhaut. This vehicle that was sold has just the two prototypes from the Mercedes Racing department. Its fastest speed clocks in at 180 miles per hour. This was one of the fastest street-legal vehicles for its time as a result.

The auction house that sold the vehicle stated that the sale made it the most valuable vehicle that has ever been sold. The margin between this vehicle and the second most lucrative was also not very close. Also in addition to that, the vehicle has now joined the list of 10 most valuable items sold at auction ever.

Mercedes Benz is the one that sold the vehicle. Only a selective list of people was even invited to attend the auction in the first place. The money from the sale of the Mercedes vehicle went towards making a Mercedes Benz Fund that gives scholarships in environmental science and decarbonization out.

Many people were surprised that a vehicle that is this famous and this rare came to be sold at auction in the first place.

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